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Spiritual Connection (Christian Service) is a radio program that airs on Amherst Island radio 101.3 FM.  from Stella Ontario. It was birthed during the time of the COVID -19 pandemic initially to address the spiritual needs of inmates incarcerated in the Kingston area. It features inspirational stories, reflections, music, scripture readings and prayers all designed with the incarcerated and their families as the target audience.

Spiritual Connection now reaches not only Kingston area prisons but people around the world. This is thanks to Amherst Island radio’s willingness and ability to broadcast over the internet and archive recorded shows on the station’s website. Now inmates and their families can tune in to listen to Spiritual Connection together, regardless of where they live in the world.

My participation in Spiritual Connection has been to offer a weekly 3–5-minute segment which features inspirational stories and motivationally themed content. The segment is called, “A Moment of Encouragement.” I also occasionally provide a reflection, along with other members of the Spiritual Connection team, made up of Chaplains, volunteers and inmates.

Of particular importance to me is that inmates contribute to the show in the capacity of production and on-air talent. This allows them to make extremely valuable contributions to the community, have a sense of purpose, and use their gifts and talents to encourage others. This does much to reduce the stigma around the, “us” and “them” mentality that often exists in our society between   and the community at large. Inmates are always encouraged to make pro social choices that reduce recidivism and promotes restorative initiatives. Spiritual Connection accomplishes all of this.

The show airs on Sunday Mornings, 10-11 a.m. on Amherst Island radio, 92.1. We invite you to tune in!

Oh my goodness,Terry, this is so good!

It’s informative, engaging and upbeat. - I wouldn’t change a thing

As my wife and I tuned in to the service this morning, we were moved by the transparency of your story. (As always!) You invite others who are listening, and they/we identify with you. Maybe not in the personal example of tying laces, but in our own personal obstacles. - And you give permission for us to talk about it!

— Paul