About Terry Harris

Jeremiah 1.5

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 2, Terry in the eyes of medical and education professionals was never supposed to walk, talk, read, write, or go to a regular school. It was recommended to his parents that He be institutionalized. There was not much hope offered for the future.

In the intervening time between his diagnosis and now, Terry has earned his BA in English Literature, his master’s degree in counselling, a diploma in restorative justice, is ordained as a pastor, has worked in the social justice field for over 20 years with prisoners, families of prisoners and people struggling with addictions. He has a passion for broadcasting / motivational speaking, and telling stories of overcoming that feature impossible odds, people who persevere, achieve victory, and inspire others to do the same. Terry credits his achievements first and foremost to a merciful God. This is followed by supportive family and friends, and an amazing teacher in grade one who had the heart and the science to prove that Terry not only could reach his vast potential but also achieve all the things he was predicted not to do and more.

Terry’s message to everyone is: “Your past does not have to dictate your future." You are not defined by your problems, your disability, or the worst thing, you have ever done. There is an awesome plan for every life, there is always a way to overcome and even in the worst circumstances, there is always hope. But no one accomplishes anything of significance alone. Great things happen within the context of community. Terry is so grateful for every community that has embraced and supported him while extending the opportunity for him to give back. This is particularly true of the prison population. Terry, his wife Dawn, and their standard poodle Jack are proud to live and work in the community of Kingston, Ontario.